To enter the World Wiffleball Championship contact Jim Bottorff.

The World Wiffleball Commission is:
  Jim Bottorff, Chicago, Ill.; since 1980
  Larry Grau, Indianapolis, Ind.; 1980-2008
  Scott Ermeti, Redondo Beach, Calif.; 1981-2011
  Mark “Gator” Waumans, Carlsbad, Calif.; 1981-2004
  Perry Baert, Cincinnati, Ohio; 1985-2012
  Rich Carrasco, Mishawaka, Ind.; 1999-2012
  Nathan Hansen, Munster, Ind.; since 2013

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  Mark Waumans
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  Jim Bottorff
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  Mick O'Lear, Original Site; and Eric Francis, Site Construction